First name starts with „I”

Ianis Zicu Ianis Zicu Left winger Ibrahima Dramé Ibrahima Dramé Center forward Ibrahima Gueye Ibrahima Gueye Center defender Ignacio Lores Ignacio Lores Left winger Igor Harkovchenko Igor Harkovchenko Center defender Igor Mitreski Igor Mitreski Center defender Ilia Chalev Ilia Chalev Center defender Ilia Dyakov Ilia Dyakov Center defender Ilia Valov Ilia Valov Goalkeeper Ilia Voynov Ilia Voynov Right winger Ilian Kiryakov Ilian Kiryakov Right back Ilian  Pamukov Ilian Pamukov Center defender Ilian Stoyanov Ilian Stoyanov Center defender Ilian Vasilev Ilian Vasilev Goalkeeper Ilias Haddad Ilias Haddad Center defender Ilias Kyriakidis Ilias Kyriakidis Defensive midfielder Ilija Naydoski Ilija Naydoski Center defender Iliya Shalamanov Iliya Shalamanov Goalkeeper Ilko Pirgov Ilko Pirgov Goalkeeper Ioan Andone Ioan Andone Center defender Ionuț Stelescu Ionuț Stelescu Iulian Mihăescu Iulian Mihăescu Center defender Ivan Bandalovski Ivan Bandalovski Right back Iván Bolado Iván Bolado Center forward Ivan Georgiev Ivan Georgiev Ivan  Ivanov Ivan Ivanov Ivan Al. Ivanov Ivan Al. Ivanov Center midfielder Ivan K. Ivanov Ivan K. Ivanov Center defender Ivan Jovanovski Ivan Jovanovski Ivan Kamarashev Ivan Kamarashev Goalkeeper Ivan Karadzhov Ivan Karadzhov Goalkeeper Ivan Kolev Ivan Kolev Center forward Ivan Litera Ivan Litera Center midfielder Ivan Marković Ivan Marković Attacking midfielder Ivan  Mekikov Ivan Mekikov Center midfielder Ivan Metodiev Ivan Metodiev Center midfielder Ivan Minchev Ivan Minchev Attacking midfielder Ivan Mitrev Ivan Mitrev Right winger Ivan Paskov Ivan Paskov Center defender Ivan Pavlov Ivan Pavlov Center midfielder Ivan Petrov Ivan Petrov Center midfielder Ivan Ploshtakov Ivan Ploshtakov Center forward Ivan Pritargov Ivan Pritargov Center forward Ivan Rankov Ivan Rankov Right winger Ivan Salabashev Ivan Salabashev Center forward Ivan Stoyanov Ivan Stoyanov Right winger Ivan Tanchovski Ivan Tanchovski Center midfielder Ivan Tishanski Ivan Tishanski Right back Ivan  Turitsov Ivan Turitsov Right back Ivan Vasilev Ivan Vasilev Right back Ivan Velev Ivan Velev Center defender Ivan Zafirov Ivan Zafirov Right back Ivan Zaykov Ivan Zaykov Center forward Ivan  Zdravkov Ivan Zdravkov Center defender Ivaylo Andonov Ivaylo Andonov Center forward Ivaylo Bankin Ivaylo Bankin Left winger Ivaylo Chochev Ivaylo Chochev Center midfielder Ivaylo Dimitrov Ivaylo Dimitrov Center forward Ivaylo Ilarionov Ivaylo Ilarionov Center forward Ivaylo Iliev Ivaylo Iliev Goalkeeper Ivaylo Ivanov Ivaylo Ivanov Goalkeeper Ivaylo Kirov Ivaylo Kirov Center midfielder Ivaylo Kotev Ivaylo Kotev Ivaylo Petrov Ivaylo Petrov Goalkeeper Ivaylo Putsov Ivaylo Putsov Ivaylo Stanev Ivaylo Stanev Goalkeeper Ivaylo Vasilev Ivaylo Vasilev Center defender Ivaylo Zafirov Ivaylo Zafirov Center forward Ivo Dimov Ivo Dimov Attacking midfielder Ivo Ivanov Ivo Ivanov Defensive midfielder Ivo Raykov Ivo Raykov Right back Ivo Slavchev Ivo Slavchev Defensive midfielder Ivo Trenchev Ivo Trenchev Center defender

Last name starts with „I”

Ivaylo Ilarionov Ivaylo Ilarionov Center forward Dimitar Iliev Dimitar Iliev Center forward Georgi Iliev Georgi Iliev Center midfielder Ivaylo Iliev Ivaylo Iliev Goalkeeper Nikolay Iliev Nikolay Iliev Goalkeeper Petko Iliev Petko Iliev Center midfielder Radoslav Iliev Radoslav Iliev Left winger Slavcho Iliev Slavcho Iliev Attacking midfielder Stefan Iliev Stefan Iliev Valentin Iliev Valentin Iliev Center defender Zdravko Iliev Zdravko Iliev Right back Georgi Iliev — Michael Georgi Iliev — Michael Center defender Edward Iordănescu Edward Iordănescu Center midfielder Bozhidar Iskrenov Bozhidar Iskrenov Left winger Borislav Ivanov Borislav Ivanov Goalkeeper Daniel Ivanov Daniel Ivanov Attacking midfielder Dimitar Ivanov Dimitar Ivanov Center forward Galin Ivanov Galin Ivanov Center defender Ivan  Ivanov Ivan Ivanov Ivan Al. Ivanov Ivan Al. Ivanov Center midfielder Ivan K. Ivanov Ivan K. Ivanov Center defender Ivaylo Ivanov Ivaylo Ivanov Goalkeeper Ivo Ivanov Ivo Ivanov Defensive midfielder Milen Ivanov Milen Ivanov Attacking midfielder Nikola  Ivanov Nikola Ivanov Center forward Trifon Ivanov Trifon Ivanov Center defender Vlado Ivanov Vlado Ivanov Center midfielder Jorginho Jorginho Right winger