CSKA „Septemvriysko zname“

Date: 20 November 1981
Tournament: Cup of PR Bulgaria 1981/82 (First round — First Leg)
CSKA's coach: Asparuh Nikodimov
  • Goal

    Spas Dzhevizov (CSKA „Septemvriysko zname“)

  • Goal

    Mario Valkov (CSKA „Septemvriysko zname“)

  • Goal

    Stefan Slavkov (CSKA „Septemvriysko zname“)

  • Goal

    Alyosha Dimitrov (CSKA „Septemvriysko zname“)

  • Goal

    Dragomir Georgiev (CSKA „Septemvriysko zname“)

Предоставил Валентин Димитров

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