OSK Atletik-Slava `23(SOFIA)
Date: 28 September 1934 16:15 – elapsed from 30 September 1934
Tournament: Sofia First Division 1934/35 (2nd round)
Stadium: Levski, Sofia
as-23's coach: Károly Fogoly
Referee: Ivan Batandzhiev[1]
Starting squad :

AS 23​ draw against Levski (Sofia) with result 0:0 in match from 2nd round of Sofia First Division 1934/35 played on 28 September 1934 at 16:15 on „Levski“ stadium, in Sofia.

  • [1] — the names of the opposition players, referee and players that are not in our profile database are automaticaly transliterated from cyrillic and may differ from the original spelling